9 reasons you know you're at burning man

fire spinner performing at burning man
participant performing for a group in 2011
Soon enough attendees will be swarming the black rock desert for this years annual burning man event. But, once they get there, how will they really know they are at burning man experiencing the true burning man experience?

lamplighter spires in the dust at burning man 
 #1 This is a day with good visibility.

porta potties on the burning man entry road 
#2 You might be happy to use these after hours in traffic.

a real nice burning man kitchen  
#3 This might as well be the kitchen at the Ritz-Carlton

 burn barrel at burning man 2011 
#4 This campfire is under control and not big enough yet.

a theme camps lounge container  
#5 It's reasonable that this is what a small camp brings.

man base explosion at burning man 2010 
#6 Whatever this thing is needs to be on fire more.

packed mutant vehicle at burning man 
#7 This seems like a reasonable amount of people to carry.

dust filled chair at a theme camp
 #8 Cleaning the dust off before sitting doesn't occur to you.

dusty tent at burning man
#9 After a busy night you sleep well in something like this.