Quick tip: look for new things at the store

Planning meals at home is difficult enough, but planning to feed oneself for a week, or more, in a harsh desert can be troubling. Those heading out to this years burning man event should keep their eyes open for things they've never tried before, so that the desert camping trip can be just a bit more comfortable.

Upon the suggestion of someone in the community I went out and found packaged ground beef. Perfect for tacos, or pasta sauce.. or, various other things. I would have never considered it previously, it is even shelf stable so it wont take up any room in the cooler and it wont be spoiling any time soon. Having some packaged stuff kept away in your collection of stuff is certainly a lot better than worrying if your raw meats will last the week. So, when you're sitting there thinking of stuff to get, consider visiting the grocery and looking for shelf stable food, it is amazing what they have nowadays (even bacon is shelf stable now). Try some new stuff before you go, you'd be surprised at whats available these days!

(The above was in the prepared food section of the grocery, near the canned ham and "spam" like products).