Next year: don't forget to bring a Sharpie

graffiti inside of a porta potty at burning man 2013
that is what they think
One of the more interesting things about public bathrooms in many places is the stuff written on the walls. At the annual Burning Man festival in the black rock desert things are not much different, well, almost. As the event doesn't last so long you end up with some interesting conversations on the walls of the little throne rooms taking place over a short period of time. As has been mentioned from some 'official' sources, writing on the walls with markers is OK and even enjoyed by those responsible for their care,  (as the writings can be easily removed by sanding them off).

So, if you didn't bring one this year perhaps next year is your year! You'll make the leap and join the throngs of people writing on the walls of the blue rooms. It can be shocking and hilarious to see the replies some people have to what others have written.

Just don't drop the sharpie, or anything else buy 1 ply TP and bodily fluids that came from your body in the potties. That isn't good for anyone.