Things I Learned at Burning Man: 1

clothes pin with C47 varient
they're almost the same thing... almost
One of the benefits of Burning Man is all of the stuff that you learn in such a short amount of time. With such a diverse group of people from all walks of life, of all ages, and from many places, you can be exposed to quite a lot in that short week (or more). Amazingly, some of these things can even be brought home and applied there. One of those things that I learned at Burning Man is something that seems pretty obvious once you've seen or, or done it.

Flipping around the parts of a regular wooden clothespin turns it into a whole different tool. This may seem like something of not much use at first glance but this simple change can allow the clothespin to accomplish more jobs and allow more options with the simple items that one might have on hand.

Doing this switch is sometimes tough, depending on the spring. You basically flip the wood over and put the outside latch parts where the inside rounded spring part used to go. Having fingernails helps for this. Figure it out.

c47 clothes pin with ritz crackers
keep those things fresh.
One benefit of doing this is that it increases the depth of the clip by almost double its unmodified grasp. This allows you to use it on stuff that it might not have been long enough for otherwise, such as trying to get that make-shift "sparkle pony crossing zone" sign to stay put.

You can clip them to hair, to clothes, to hold that stuff that keeps the dust out on your tent, to keep your food fresh, to organize a big mess of paperwork that you may have with you if you flew in to the event, and all sorts of stuff that you haven't considered yet.

Of course, the main benefit of doing this is that the grip is much stronger. From what was a wimpy clothespin to a strong holding clip in about a minute.

Try it out at home and bring some to the burn. You never know what you'll need one of these for.