Federal Judge Among Those Not Pleased with Burning Man Settlement

view from inside staff vehicle at the burn
buckle up. it may be a bumpy road ahead
It seems like the Burning Man vs. The Man lawsuit story is not over. A deal that Black Rock City LLC claimed was struck with Pershing County earlier this month may not be quite settled yet. As they originally mentioned in their press release the LLC needed federal approval for the settlement to go through. It seems that they did not get the approval that they were hoping for and may have to wait a bit longer for the issue to be resolved. One member of the LLC, Danger Ranger/Michael Michael, mentioned the news coverage on his Facebook page:

"Personal prejudice spills over into a federal court after Pershing County & Burning Man reach an amicable agreement.

http://www.rgj.com/viewart/20131129/NEWS/311290040/Court-fireworks-Burning-Man-deal-likely-done" -
danger ranger
It appears that the judge did not like what he saw when the paperwork came to him. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports that the problem with the settlement isn't clear. What was clear is that the judge was a bit displeased with what he saw. This is what the RGJ had to say:
Exactly what in the agreement between festival organizers and Pershing County lawyers prompted Jones’ criticism was unclear, though he said the agreement amounted to malpractice. “You committed virtually a fraud on the federal court and the county commission,” Jones said. He said he’ll file complaints with the state bar association against all lawyers involved.
While it remains to be seen what will happen next it is pretty clear that at least one person in the LLC is not very pleased with the decisions that this particular judge makes. Danger Ranger continued on his Facebook page, in response to comments about the judge:
There is no separation between church & state in this courtroom. The federal government is becoming increasing divergent from the will of the people. -danger ranger
Many of the comments in response to the original posting were about the other decisions that the judge, a Bush Appointee, has made. An additional comment by Danger Ranger pointed to a decision which the judge, Robert Jones, made when he ruled against same-sex  marriage in a 2012 lawsuit. It looks like there may be some attempt to fight this case in the court of burner opinion. It might be pretty simple to make a case against a Bush appointee who sides against gay marriage, but the average burner on the street is not going to be sitting in the judges seat for this one. 

With all sorts of media reporting on the original settlement news which hit the AP wire and ended up on the websites of Time, ABCNews, and the Miami Herald, among others, it is something that burners will likely be reading a lot more about in the future. It is not over yet.