Larry Harvey to appear before House Government Reform Committee

WASHINGTON DC - In an interesting development the founder of the Burning Man art and music festival was listed as one of those called to speak at an upcoming meeting of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. 

While the exact substance of the testimony that Mr. Harvey is to give is unclear a source close to the matter said that it had to do with questions relating to an obscure US Code. Under title 50 sub-chapter 4 section 842 of US Code those groups or parties that are considered to be subsidiaries or successors to the former communist party are forbidden certain rights and freedoms. It is unclear how Burning Man has any relation to any successor or subsidiary but it has been theorized by an individual who was formerly a Burning Man staffer that the concern comes from the recently announced discussion at Columbia University about Burning Man as a religious and philosophical movement, a talk that is to be moderated by someone from the Department of Religion. Commenting on the information the unnamed former staffer had this to say:

While I cannot get in to exact details I will say that Black Rock City LLC has long had a history of speaking in public about aspirations for Burning Man that were global and for drastic world change. Larry Harvey himself is quoted as speaking about this in many papers. I wouldn't be surprised if his call to DC has something to do with that.
In an attempt to corroborate these claims a source provided information that seems to imply that a Title 50 Chapter IV S 842 violation might be the item of concern that has resulted in those in Washington DC calling for a hearing. This is some of the information that this source provided: 
"needless to say we're ambitious and we think we can effect the course of things in this century, we hope to" -larry harvey
"my partners are thinking beyond our lifetimes in doing it, it is a bit of a legacy project, which is really interesting, a very interesting exercise and then we're saying 100 years, and that's an interesting thing because if you do that it makes you think differently about the present, and so what would make something that durable, what will keep it alive that long, well, we've seen we've been alive and grown for a quarter of a century so it doesn't seem like hubris to imagine an entire century at all" -larry harvey
"... commandeer some part of the public environment and make your own show, create your own rules, and then, before the authorities [show] up, ... melt away back into the jungle. It is an anarchist notion ... all that you can do is fight these little guerrilla battles ..." -larry harvey
While it is hard to say the true intent behind these supposed calls to change the world through Burning Man, it appears that those in congress want to know more. Considering that Burning Man takes place on federal land it is likely within their scope to ask questions about what their intentions are. Though it is unclear what will come out of these hearings many feel that this is nothing but a witch hunt.