Your Burning Man Commodification Family

rental truck in camping area at burning man 2007

Those who have been to the yearly Burning Man art and music event in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada know that camping for a week in the wilderness requires a lot of gear. For years the organizers of Burning Man, in the form of Black Rock City LLC, have mentioned that buying things to be prepared for the event itself doesn't go against their idea of Decommodification, one of the so-called Ten Principles which they feel guide the event and inform the attendees. Decommodification, considered by organizers as a guideline that they say is applied to the event to protect the community by preventing commercial interests from taking advantage of attendees, has long been debated in the burner community. But, what of the things that have nothing to do with getting ready for the event? Some in the burner community wonder, for example, how the recent film Spark: A Burning Man Story will, or already is, impacting them.

For years Burning Man has been involved in book deals, film projects and a multitude of other profit-making ventures. Below is a list of companies/entities which are believed to in some way profit off of the brand of "burning man". 

It should be noted that the list below shows the companies that the author feels benefit from the brand of burning man in some way, in the authors opinion. Some things below are there due to facebook posts, and newsletter posts, some are there due to an implied benefit and perhaps not a direct monetary one. It all could be wrong. The list is not comprehensive.

cited by LLC member as paying a $150,000 fee to do a magazine shoot at burning man (cite)

odds are that if vogue has to pay for a shoot, rolling stone does as well, both magazines have run photo spreads either on their websites or in print.
suggested by Burning Man as the go-to funding site. kickstarter gets 5% of the money pledged towards a project, over $430,000 pledged in 2013 (cite)

Advertised on Burning Man official facebok page and elsewhere in 2012 to support Honorarium artists who got funding from the LLC for burning man projects in a contest that largely served as an advertisement for the brand (facebook cite)

streams spark: a burning man story (available via xbox live)

same as above

makes available the same as above, with soundtrack of the film

streams film via their partnership with roxio streaming

available as the others for streaming of the film

partnered with best buy to stream the documentary

available here too, streaming on the PS3 and soon to be PS4

again, you can get the movie here

yet another venue for the same film

publisher of desert to dream, book

studio that did beyond black rock, documentary

they made spark available here (via ondemand video)

another place where the spark movie was available ondemand

published Burning Man Live: 13 Years of Piss Clear

CCC publications: published 'tribes of burning man' book

published: this is burning man, book

published: burning book, a visual history of burning man

published: burning man: art in the desert

the go-to place to get your local screening of Spark: a burning man story 

crowdfunding site that saw over $50,000 pledged to it in 2013 for burning man projects, they get 4-9% of proceeds, depending on the funding choice a person picks