Stuff Virgin Burners Should Do When They're in Camp at The Burn

Figuring how to manage ones time at Burning Man can be a tough task, especially for those who have never been. While it might seem simple enough, it is very easy for the day to get away from you. Here is a short list of stuff to do when in camp.

Refill your water containers
It is way hot at burning man, you probably know this already. Whenever you start to get low on water, start heading back to camp. As one can easily be 2 miles or more from camp, start heading back early. Don't get distracted.

When you finally make it back to camp fill up on water, drink a bunch, keep your containers for exploring topped up. One can end up feeling very poorly pretty quickly out there, even at night, without enough water.

Eat a bunch of Food
This might seem obvious but one might be surprised by how often people go all day without eating at burning man. Sure, people point out that ones appetite might be different than normal, and it may very well be. But you need to get some food in you. You're probably moving around a lot more than normal.

Take time during the day to eat a real meal. Fill yourself up. You might be surprised at how much better it makes you feel. Get salt in your body. You're sweating it out. You need it.

Keep things clean and batten down the hatches
Whenever you hit camp it is a good idea to make sure your tent and your belongings are well secured. It is windy. It rains. Without easy access to weather reports odds are weather will seemingly come out of nowhere. Make sure your structures are still tightly secured to the ground. If they blow away they might injure someone and that is not good.
Clean up. You don't want little food wrappers or decorations or socks blowing away. Whenever leaving camp make sure stuff is secured because you never know what will happen when you leave camp. Pick up all those little pieces of trash now before they blow away.

Listen to the Radio
While lots of people bring their own music, and there is plenty of stuff to listen to at burning man, one thing that might be good to do every day is to listen to the radio for a bit, specifically, BMIR 94.5FM. Burning Man Information Radio is the public service radio station, it will give info about big storms coming, gate closures, and other important stuff. Plus they got music and other interesting content 24/7. Bring a small pocket radio or boom box. Listen while you eat, have it on in the background. You might be entertained and you might learn something important.

Yeah it is crazy. Sleep, at burning man?! Or even crazier, during the day?! It isn't as crazy as it seems. The hottest part of the day is a good time to take it easy. To sit around stuffing yourself and drinking fluids. The night time is usually pretty comfortable and the city doesn't really come alive until then anyways. You might want to have some energy for when that time comes.
Keep clean
The playa dust is sort of unhealthy. For some people it can harm their skin (see this post for more info on that). You should take any opportunity you can to wash your hands, and if you're wearing sandals or something like them, your feet. If you're one of the people who has skin which is sensitive to the playa dust this can pay off. You don't want to have a horrible Thursday, and Friday, with bleeding and cracking skin because you didn't take care of it early in the week. Use lotion and follow the tips in the article linked above. It can make your burn much better.

You aren't wasting time
Keeping an eye on yourself, eating, resting, securing your gear and your tent, is important. Some might say 'don't waste the day sitting in camp!!' and it isn't probably the place where one should stay all week, but keeping a routine, keeping healthy, fed and hydrated is important. The more healthy you are the more you'll be able to enjoy the burn. Don't forget to make it back to camp sometimes.