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justburnus about the culture, art, and community that has built itself around the annual Burning Man art event which is held in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada. Featuring varied content such as commentary, opinions, fake news, how-to guides, art updates, and even some light enjoyable content. The goal of our work is to represent on the internet some part of the large Burning Man culture. While there are other places to get similar content on the internet it's felt that justburn.us offers something different, another alternative, and variety.

This is an independent effort. The views expressed here are those of the individual contributors involved.

While opinions may be expressed about some, or, all of the groups and entities below, unless explicitly noted, the content on justburnus is not from any official source. Statements and content on this site are not representative of the views/wishes/practices of anyone but the contributors directly involved in justburnus. This site does not speak for nor represent any of the following entities, listed or otherwise: black rock city llc, burning man project, burning man staffers, bureau of land management, black rock solar, black rock arts foundation, burners without borders, burningman.com, the burning blog, nor any department related to the burning man organization, etc..

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